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These project summaries represent a small sample of Dr. Cohen’s track record of helping organizations strengthen their leadership and reflect the kind of assistance your organization can expect and receive from the Strategic Leadership Collaborative.


Leadership Effectiveness and Development
Strategic Planning and Alignment
Performance and Succession Management
Industry Research and Analysis


Leadership Effectiveness and Development


Program Development

  • Designed, developed and delivered a senior level "leaders developing leaders" curriculum for two industry leading global pharmaceutical and consumer health products organizations.


  • Designed, developed and delivered 30+ action learning programs covering 1,500 senior leaders of a world-leading pharmaceutical and health care products company across four global regions.


  • Created a five-phase transition leadership process for a world-renowned confectionary and consumer foods company that facilitated the seamless movement of recently promoted directors to this leadership level.


  • Built a month-long training curriculum around the skills and knowledge required for effective store management for a national retail food service company.


  • Mapped a previously developed competency model to the creation of two levels of a leadership curriculum, including first-level supervision and middle management development programs, for a global hospitality organization.


  • Developed a blended learning curriculum focused on teaching leaders how to manage their direct report managers by fully understanding their role, assessing for potential, developing talent and building a leadership pipeline for a global consumer products and pharmaceutical health care company.


  • Built a leadership excellence program for a manufacturing conglomerate focused on five leadership practices: developing a compelling vision, building commitment, leading teams, sustaining momentum and walking the talk.


  • For a specialty chemicals manufacturer, designed and developed a global senior management two-day workshop that provided these leaders with the mindset, skillset and toolset to become more effective teachers of the people reporting directly to them.


  • Served as the senior design consultant for the CEO’s leadership program for this large defense contractor’s top high-potential leaders. The program consisted of three one-week workshops spread throughout the year, each focused on a specific theme supported by external presenters and internal senior officers.


Executive Coaching

  • Worked with a CEO of a mid-size education services firm who as a new leader needed to enlist and engage his senior team in developing and executing a three-year strategic plan.


  • Coached an EVP of a global consumer foods company who needed to create, communicate, manage and evaluate a corporate-wide cross-cultural collaboration initiative.


  • Worked with a VP of a consumer pharmaceutical firm who needed to lead a global cross-functional team on innovative ways to bring new products to market.


  • Coached a VP of a global retail organization in a new role requiring establishing a vision and execution plan at the group level and alignment with a cross-functional team.


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Strategic Planning and Alignment

  • Researched and facilitated a process to identify and reshape a going forward product and service strategy for a long time assessment and training business.


  • Facilitated a 5-year strategic growth plan for a non-profit Florida-based Community Development Financial Institute.


  • Developed and facilitated a 3-year strategic plan for a global e-learning North Sea based firm focused on the oil and gas industry.


  • Worked with an internal talent development group of this global chemicals manufacturer to create a business plan for the establishment of a corporate university.


  • Facilitated the development of a three-year strategic growth plan for a leading educational services firm, including competitive analysis, stakeholder interviews, off-site workshop facilitation and Board presentation for final approval.


  • Conducted a short- and long-range strategic planning session for a digital technology division of a social expression consumer products company, convening a retreat to define the company’s strategic imperatives, mission, vision and goals, core competencies and then created a fully detailed execution plan to effectively address several major business issues.


  • Developed and facilitated a strategic planning process to assist a consumer health care products company leverage its world-renown U.S. brand in one consumer category to penetrate the European market.


  • Developed and facilitated an action-learning process to strategically determine how to create a sustainable global culture of innovation for a pharmaceutical company.


  • Worked with a leadership institute of a large state university to develop and deliver a strategic action planning session to create a financially sustainable enterprise that would best meet the needs of stakeholders and constituents.


  • Worked with the CEO and his senior staff to develop and deliver a process, resulting in a 5-year strategic growth plan for this leading alternative and private special education business, culminating in a presentation to and approval by the company’s Board of Directors.


  • Researched and developed a business plan for creating a leadership education economic sector for a public/private development corporation to facilitate social and economic growth in its region.


  • Provide continuous and current industry knowledge, drawing on decades of experience in offering strategic insight and perspective while serving on the Boards of over 15 education and training firms.


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Performance and Succession Management

  • Researched best practices in succession management and presented a model and approach to the senior executive team of a European animal pharmaceutical company and then assisted with the planning process.


  • Worked with a Fortune 100 global pharmaceutical company to train senior leaders to use a calibration system to differentiate performance from potential.


  • Developed a performance management system including competencies, appraisal forms and processes and training for a global consumer products business.


  • Built a performance management system and training curriculum for a consumer products division of a world-renown entertainment and media company.


  • Developed a blended learning management curriculum for a financial services institution that focused on performance management skills, principles, processes and tools.


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Industry Research and Analysis


  • Conducted a benchmark research study on the pre-hire assessment industry for a private equity firm interested in identifying potential "toolkit" suppliers for its portfolio companies.


  • Researched and presented best practices in performance management to decentralized HR managers of this leading farm cooperative business.


  • Conducted a feasibility study and business plan for an IT supervisory management certification program for this for-profit education provider.


  • Conducted current state research on talent management topics and presented them to the Chief Learning Officer of a consumer foods organization. Specific applications of this information to the company were discussed and action plans for implementation executed.


  • Researched best practices and conducted stakeholder interviews in custom program development for a leading global leadership development firm and then made recommendations for changes within the organization to improve efficacy and efficiency.


  • Audited and evaluated competing sales curricula of two merged pharmaceutical companies to recommend a unified training process based on existing assets.


  • Conducted a research project on learner preferences for online versus face-to-face classroom environments for a global high-tech manufacturing and services company.


  • Developed a research report on the current state of nursing education for an investment banking firm with a specialty in the training and education industry.


Competency Models

  • Created a sales and sales management leadership practices model for in-store personnel of a national chain of rental equipment stores.


  • Developed a sales process and accompanying competencies required at each point for a European-based software automation processing manufacturing company.


  • For one of Great Britain’s train lines, built customer service and service management competency models and the tools and training for effectively performing those competencies.


  • Created an in-store management competency model for a national retail food chain that covered the technical knowledge, skills and attitudes required for effective general managers.


  • Developed a competency model and functional “dictionaries” for 10 different functions that included stories depicting strong and weak performance for the global consumer products division of a global entertainment and media organization.


  • Developed a Global Leadership Indicators competency model for a leading global confectionary food products company and then created a 360-degree instrument to assess leaders at all levels in the organization.


  • Created a corporate-wide employee competency model, covering 24 competencies, that was used as the basis for a global pharmaceutical company’s performance management system.



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Partial List of

Organizations Served


American Greetings

American Express


Asea Brown Boveri


BAE Systems

Bank of America

Bank of Montreal

Boston Market

British Rail

Camelot Schools

Campbell Soup



Carlson Companies

Center for Creative Leadership





Discovery Communications

Dept. of Treasury

Dept. of Defense


Federal Aviation Administration

Ford Motor

General Mills

General Motors

Harvard Business School

H.B. Fuller




Johnson & Johnson

Land O' Lakes


McNeil Consumer





Red Lobster


Texas Instruments


The Riverside Company

T. Rowe Price

United Rentals







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